We care
for the knowledge

that goes around any business.

How do we create solutions that take account of the world’s complexity? Where do good plans, that work for all of us, come from?

We believe the answer lies in the field of knowledge. In the struggle for thinking not to be overlooked in the rush to get things done.



Knowledge Curation is our specialty. We help companies to come up with ideas and make more assertive decisions, always putting society first.

Our services take shape based on our clients needs, varying across formats such as studies, documentaries, immersive experiences and databases. 

We carry this out through a critical and in depth analysis of the non-stop flow of information produced.

How we do it

Knowledge Curation is the method we created to study the sciences produced in a variety of spaces.

It meets our clients’ needs for knowledge by cross referencing the information produced throughout the world in books, films, digital data, podcasts, academic research, market data and other forms of content.   

Steps of the



Mapping all the client’s questions that need to be answered.

Who we work for

We use Knowledge Curation to carry out projects and meet challenges in a variety of fields.


We question the status quo, use real life as a guide for the creation of new digital and physical products, we map global movements whilst making Brazilian voices heard.


We cross-reference disciplines to understand human behavior, culture and societal movements (we’re also good at organizing the department’s existing information)


We help to think of the future of categories, define brand positioning, map territories for activation, inspire creative thinking for campaigns, find paths for growth, all with the critical foundation that the department requires.

Human Resources

We create training programmes that people actually want to take part in. We combine in-depth academic, user friendly and practical approaches to teach on various subjects to many audiences (we’re also specialists in projects involving CEOs).

Strategic Planning

We design future scenarios, define steps for change, point out risks, expand the field of vision of those that have to consider long-term goals within companies.


We combine new perspectives with the department’s practical experience to help design more assertive and promising tactics.


We develop systemic thinking, stimulate innovation potential, create a repertoire of positive references that inspire transformation.


We can collaborate with a variety of departments in the business where knowledge can drive better decision-making.



A corporate academy that truly raises the bar and changes the game!


In 2014 Ambev called on us to create a new training programme for its Marketing team. The goal was to align the company’s vision on marketing throughout the different teams and connect them to best practices. The project was a kickstart to a new phase at Ambev, whose dream it was to become an increasingly solid reference in brand strategy and creativity. 


We created a Marketing Academy as inspiring as the department’s own day-to-day!

Customized lessons based on real life challenges
The use of different disciplines to explain the why behind best practices
Teaching the value in culture and the human point of view
Preparing company leaders as teachers and a reference point in the topics
Extra visual care with all material
Participation of carefully picked specialists

We’ve put on 7 editions of the project, reaching over 1000 professionals

The Marketing Academy influences Ambev’s work in many ways today. It was throughout this programme, for example, that the discussions and transformations surrounding diversity started to take place at the company.

In 2022, the programme is still running and going strong, and is applied globally throughout many of the company’s offices.


“We believe that learning can be stimulating. Because of that, since 2014 Inesplorato have been our partners in the Marketing Academy. They help us to translate extremely complex concepts into user-friendly and inspiring content for the team.”

Isabela Fraga, Ambev.

Who we are
Who we are

We are pioneers in Knowledge Curation. We started Inesplorato in 2010, concerned with the lost opportunities when companies aren’t able to deal with the quantity of information available. Today we go even further: among so much content, it’s increasingly easy to produce confusion. The responsibility is even greater. 

Our team is made up of knowledge curators and designers that work horizontally, organized in teams, that deal with one project at a time. While one group prepares an industry for the advancement of artificial intelligence in retail, the other decodes Mexican culture for a brand that wants to grow in that market… we love working on a diversity of themes. 

Looking to the future, our objective is to accelerate the creative potential of companies in building a better society. To do that we are going to use more technology, diversify our delivery formats and create new projects so our discoveries can reach more people! Join us?

Do you want to learn about
Knowledge curation?

In our courses, we teach our method and share what we’ve learnt in over 10 years on this journey. Everyone interested in improving their relationship to knowledge is welcome, no matter what field they are in.


Introduction to Knowledge Curation

  • First steps to understand this discipline
  • 5 live and online meetings with our curators
  • We go from how the method was created, an overview of its steps, to the presentation of a final knowledge curation project
  • Does not qualify professionals to act as knowledge curators on the market
  • Workload: 10 hours

Find out more

Knowledge Curation Qualification

Other cool projects by Ines


Common questions

How can I find out more about Knowledge Curation?

You can take our courses, follow our social media accounts, our blog and also read the book that tells how our story began, Empreendedorismo Criativo (Creative Entrepreneurship), by Mariana Castro.

Was Knowledge Curation created by Inesplorato?

Yes. Débora Emm, our founding partner, developed the method. She believes that each person who worked at the company collaborated to refine her idea.

Is Knowledge Curation the same as content curation?

No. Knowledge Curation is the method we created to study the disciplines produced in various spaces. It meets our client’s knowledge needs through the cross-referencing of information produced around the world and expressed in books, films, digital data, podcasts, academic research, market data and other forms of content. Our focus is taking care of people’s relationship to the world of knowledge and not on selecting content. 

Do you still make those knowledge curation boxes?

Although we loved making them, we aren’t able to meet requests for individual boxes anymore. We only make them as part of larger projects for companies. 

Do you do market research, with first-hand consumer interviews?

No. Our work is focussed on existing information – that which has already been produced and published. Market research, which speaks to consumers first-hand, creates primary data that eventually become our sources ; )

I’m interested in getting to know Inesplorato’s projects better. Are these materials available?

Most of our projects circulate behind our client’s closed doors. But to get to know our work better you can delve into the studies we’ve done for different brands at Globo, available on the platform https://gente.globo.com/

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Our backstage, method, special projects, client case studies, our curators’ point of view on varied themes and our latest news.


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